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umm, hello? it is my site. oh wait, who is ‘my’? im snvmk, the very small coder (oh yes, small, the small voice of calm and reason, join his server, his my friend tho). so im young, yes, im python and js coder. by young i mean [DATA DELETED] years old. uh oh yes i cant write adequately in english lol) oh, see this brace? know what does it mean? yep it is that russian brace that means sth funny)))))) okay there is some posts that i can post through commiting to this sites repo that u can find in links in bottom. but i can even write some python (maybe even bash :rofl:) script to post them right from terminal. oh yes, terminal, u may guess that i use linux by that spooky word. and, yes, i use arch btw, with swaywm (tiling wayland window manager). i use keyboard primarily. okay so, is it too big maybe, okay, will write something else some time then.


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